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Y O O Z E by John Zane Zappas

Y O O Z E by John Zane Zappas

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Y O O Z E  

John Zane Zappas

11" x 14" Oil stick on paper

Limited Series of 13 Original Drawings


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Y O O Z E , John Zane Zappas' Blanc Press Series is a limited series of original drawings to accompany his show N U S T A C H U S at Outside Gallery from Saturday, February 7 - Sunday, April 5, 2015. Insert Blanc Press General Projects will inaugurate the new Outside Gallery space with N U S T A C H U S by John Zane Zappas, including recent site-specific sculptures alongside a selection of drawings Zappas made in the process of working on the exhibition. Zappas’ objects shift one’s focus from what an element represents to how it operates. Relying on the materiality of recognizable objects while resisting their utility, objects become values, fetishes, idols… The work is not about resolution, but resides in a space where there is nothing to decode. Zappas firmly believes that knowledge can be revealed through the act of making and he works to move from the familiar to the ambiguous with a dizzying lack of distinction between humor and solemnity.

Y O O Z E 1


Y O O Z E 2

Y O O Z E 3


Y O O Z E 4

 Y O O Z E 5 

Y O O Z E 6

Y O O Z E 7  SOLD!

Y O O Z E 8

Y O O Z E 9  SOLD!

Y O O Z E 10  SOLD!

Y O O Z E 11 SOLD!

Y O O Z E 12 SOLD!

Y O O Z E 13

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