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The First Star Spangled Noel by Doug Nufer

The First Star Spangled Noel by Doug Nufer

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In the Summer of 2012, we held the second Insert Blanc Press MashUp Monster Contest, in honor of the new Insert Blanc Press being a MashUp of both Insert Press and Blanc Press. Of course, the first Insert Blanc Press MashUp Monster Contest which happened a couple years ago on the facebox had no entrants hence no winners but also no losers. The rules were to make an awesome mashup of a song from 1974 and a song from 1984 and have a little fun with it. And, of course, as per usual, the rules were to break the rules a little bit. 

Doug Nufer, being the radical rebel he is, wrote us and said forget your 74/84 thing you've got going on there, here are two mashups I've done and I'll sing them for you, and make videos of them for you, and my parrots will co-star in those videos. And you know how we like PARROTS

And so we are proud to announce the winner of the 2012 Insert Blanc Press MashUp Monster Contest, Doug Nufer with both of his entries, I Who Have Satin and The First Star Spangled Noel. 

You can purchase The First Star Spangled Noel here and I Who Have Satin on its own separate page. Each of the videos also come with the text of the poems, or in this case lyrics, for $1.99 and after purchasing the video you will receive a download link by email.

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