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Christian Cummings

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by Christian Cummings
Full Album 55:07
13 tracks


"Alternating between elegiac despondency, apocalyptic vision, didactic discourse, and guided deprogramming exercise (often in the space of a single lyric), Cummings convincingly positions himself as a nerdish prophet of doom. Christian Cummings is facing our crazy life head on, in all its bewildering entropy and Gordian knottiness, and in doing so has produced the first great protest album of the 21st century.” -Doug Harvey, Artillery Art Magazine


“Lest we've forgotten, Cummings is reminding us what Uncle Frank (Zappa) told us back in 66. Plastic people in a plastic society living on a diet of plastic. And as we know, when they burn and melt they all start to stink. Slavebation is right up my street.” -Sexton Ming


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