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Parrot Boxed Set

Parrot Boxed Set

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Parrot Boxed Set 

Boxed Edition of Six numbered 11 to 16

Issues 1-4 & 6-8 signed and numbered by the authors

Containing all issues of Parrot 2010-2014 

Edition comes wrapped in archival tissue
and boxed in an archival box.
7.25" x 10.5" x 2.5" 


“The Parrot series, published by Insert Blanc Press, was much like its imprint started in a mess of pleasant confusion—my understanding is Insert Press was at first largely a fake press, that slowly became real—in that prior to the actual writing of each Parrot chapbook, they were simply descriptions of (fake) books by (real) authors to include in the entire fiction that is Insert Blanc; however, after a time, the authors of the (fake) descriptions of the Parrot books were asked to actually write them. ... These Parrots are very well-made, pleasing to look at, to hold, to flip through or to sit down mulling over as seriously as your favorite paperbacks. They call to mind not the muddled shelf of desperate/overwhelmingly-similar zines at any record store on the planet, but a sturdy, comfortable nook in a café where people actually give a shit about reading and are curious about the potentialities of language. Anyway, I digress, but really, I like these books a whole lot.”--Grant Maierhofer, HTMLGIANT


Individual issues can be found in the Parrot collection.


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