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PARROT 15 Kept Women

PARROT 15 Kept Women

Kate Durbin

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PARROT 15 Kept Women
by Kate Durbin
Saddle-Stitched chapbook
2 Color cover, Black & White interior
Matte finish, Opaque cream, 70# text (104 gsm)
Dimensions: 6.125" x 9.375" x 0.125", 16 Pages
ISSN: 2169-3811-15


There are many intimate paths that wind their way around this expensive Eden, with many nooks for hidden rendezvous. The wide lawns are spacious enough for vast tents suitable for hosting parties such as a Midsummer Nights Dream lingerie gala. There are several sloping hills, idyllic for topless slip n’ sliding in the summer or sledding over a gleaming expanse of imported snow in the winter. A marble panel is visible just inside the video monitored main gate, presen ting a depiction of Aurora, Roman goddess of the sunrise, guiding a group of young Eves into the southern Californian dawn.

"Kate Durbin is an artist on par with Kubrick and she is skilled enough to create the kind of vessels that those who regard her work as readers and viewers and tumblrers can fill with the full scale of their fear, repulsion, and fascination. If one is not prepared to face those feelings, they can overwhelm."
-Kari Larsen, at Anobium
"At its most basic,  Kept Women  is a series of prose poems that describes the rooms of the Playboy Mansion as seen on the reality show  The Girls Next Door . Yet its twelve pages draw on all of the above discourses––tourism, advertising, archaeology, reality TV, anthropology––to reveal, and flaunt, what they share: a voyeuristic sensibility and a fascination with and desire to absorb, or reject, otherness...Kept Women is quintessential Durbin: strange, beguiling, and funny in a nervous, beyond-ironic way."
-Megan Milks, at The Fanzine
Included in Ms. Magazine list of 2012's Best Books of Poetry by Women.
Reviewed by Jon Rutzmoser and Lysette Simmons at Tarpaulin Sky.
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