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Here Sometimes

Here Sometimes

Original Works & Prints

Eileen Wolf Echikson

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Insert Press General Projects is pleased to present Here Sometimes by Eileen Wolf Echikson in their debut solo show in Los Angeles, opening Saturday, December 2, 2023 from 7-10pm and running through February 10, 2024.

Originals works and prints from the exhibition are available for sale in person at Insert Press General Projects during the run of the show and are available online here.

Echikson's illustrations and original drawings for the book "Being Work," along with an edition of eight Archival InkJet prints being released by Insert Press to accompany the exhibition, may be purchased here.

Echikson’s illustrations are featured in Being Work, a forthcoming book from Insert Press, edited by Dorothy Dubrule. A collection of essays by dance and theater artists that describe the labor of performance within visual arts contexts, Being Work captures a spectrum of profound and mundane moments while asking how this kind of gig work is perceived and valued. Echikson’s eight illustrations for the book can be viewed alongside additional works by the artist in the exhibition Here Sometimes at General Projects. The closing party for Echikson’s show in early-February 2024 will also be the launch party for Being Work (exact date and details TBD).

Echikson’s work weaves threads of memory, seamlessly blending past and present in a playful restoration and mending of imagery from the artist’s world. Echikson's creations serve up a rollercoaster of emotions, like a slide projector automatically advancing from image to image: humor, horror, rage, and fashion collide and are threaded together into these ever-oscillating feelings. Echikson’s works move through time and space to touch upon the gilded peaks of immortality, all while embracing the whimsy and innocence of their own inner-child.

Here Sometimes offers a captivating escape, beckoning viewers into the realm of daydreamers. Echikson's illustrations serve as portals into their own waking existence, seamlessly merging reality with a meticulously crafted realm nurtured since childhood. Echikson transports the viewer to a new place with its own lifeblood fueled by comics, friendship and memory. The exhibition pays tribute to the artist's enduring appreciation of friends and individuals who have come in and out of the artist's life, embracing those little abandonments and departures that lead to new paths and transformation.

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