Vintage Insert Blanc Renaissance

Throwback chapbooks that are going to go fast!

We have been sifting thru the archives over the past months and archiving some our early chapbook publications as well as preparing special selections of material from our early days, especially for you!


We've discounted a number of vintage publications and are offering some of them for sale here for the first time!  

Parrot Boxed Set - Limited Edition of Six 

Absurd Good News - New Limited Edition Reprint 

Signed editions of the first eight issues of Parrot now available 

Last remaining copies of Parrot now available at a discount  

The Confessions of Guru Rugu - Last remaining copies 

The Consumed Guide - Last remaining copies 

and keep your eyes here for more ...


We're making our way thru the depths and corners, combing across every bookshelf to find the good stuff for you!