Ep 82 Alee Peoples and Cara Levine The People


Guests Alee Peoples and Cara Levine talk about Secret narratives, Ambient grief, how Fear is a Liar, Adrian Piper, Not arriving, Residencies, the Luxury of isolation, Art as time management, Finding the balance, how to Protect your eyes while you’re blinding yourself, Echo Park Film Center, Elephant Art Space and sooo much more!

Alee Peoples is an artist and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. She is inspired by pedestrian histories, pop song lyrics and is invested in the hand-made. Alee has a film screening on February 22nd for the New Works Salon at Echo Park Film Center here in LA

Cara Levine is an artist living in Los Angeles. She works in sculpture, video and socially engaged practices. She has work in the group show Message to Space in the inaugural opening of SUPERCOLLIDER a new science inspired exhibition platform at the Beacon Building.
… and also, she and Alee have a two person show coming up in April at elephant art space here in the Cypress Park neighborhood of Los Angeles

Our interstitial music as always is Ocfif by Lewis Keller.
And we go out with the latest from friend of the show Nick Flessa - a single that came out last month under the name Dayton Swim Club (inspired by a cult early internet video of the same name). The project stems from Nick Flessa Band but is more collaborative, featuring Mario Luna on guitar, Jessica Perelman on Drums, Kirsten Bladh (of Leggy) on bass, and Dominique Matelson on backing vocals and keys. … and the name of the song is Rage All Night