Ep 62: Adrian Paules & Aaron Meyers: The People


On this episode our guests are Adrian Paules & Aaron Meyers.

Adrian Paules has been living in Los Angeles for 15 years. His practice consists of sculpture and drawing and he recently participated in LA Louvre’s show Elemental and is currently in Vision Valley organized by The Pit at the Brand library in Glendale.

Aaron Meyers is a sculptor and video artist who has been living in Los Angeles for 2 ½ years. He was recently in a show at Tin Flats put together by Thomas Linder and Camille Schefter and participated in the Built In symposium organized by Nicholas Grenier and Hunter Shaw at NAVEL.

Among other things we’ll be talking about Adrian and Aaron’s work in relationship to an Instagram project they did in 2017 called Inventing the Wheel.

Our interstitial music, as always, is Ocfif by Lewis Keller, and we go out with a track from SSION’s new album O, just released last week from DERO Arcade … and the name of the song is At Least the Sky is Blue (ft. Ariel Pink)