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Ep 41 Asher Hartman & Chelsea Rector: The People

On this episode our guests are Asher Hartman and Chelsea Rector. Asher Hartman is a Los Angeles based interdisciplinary artist who primarily works in the context of theater. Chelsea Rector is a Los Angeles based interdisciplinary poet.

Our conversation centers around Asher Hartman and the Gawdafful National Theater’s production of The Silver, the Black, the Wicked Dance, recently at LACMA’s Bing theater this past May 13th and 14th, 2016. This dark comedic play about predation in American life was written and directed by Asher and Chelsea Rector was one of the performers in the production.

You can hear a couple audio excerpts from the production of The Silver, The Black, The Wicked Dance at LACMA which we'll play during the middle of the show. And we close out the episode with music from LA band Zig Zags, with the title track from their recent EP, Slime.

Written by Mathew Timmons — July 16, 2016