The People: Anna Mayer, Jemima Wyman, & CamLab Ep. 5


The People: Anna Mayer, Jemima Wyman, & CamLab Ep. 5
Sunday, July 21 at 3 p.m.
KCHUNG 1630AM Listen Live

Join hosts Ben White and Mathew Timmons Sunday, July 21 at 3 p.m. on KCHUNG 1630AM if you're in or around Chinatown Los Angeles or listen live on the KCHUNG webstream. The People will include guests Anna Mayer, Jemima Wyman, & their collaborative project as CamLab in a conversation about their recent work. 




Anna Mayer—"There is often a social element to my making process, for instance, at events when I pit-fire ceramics for a sculpture, the gathering is itself a performance or participatory happening. The more static works refer to relationships or diagram/propose ways of relating to the world. I often use language and text paired with undeniable materiality as a way to invoke multiple perspectives as well as the idea that voice is integral to embodiment."


I Am Occupied with Always Making So Many Connections, 2012, ceramic portraits, rainbow grass, each mug is approximately 6” x 9”. From an ongoing series of pairs of mugs that couples two people who can’t otherwise be together.


Unimplanting (Word of Mouth), 2012-2013, ceramic instruments, fiber, metal, sound recording 4:48, 5’ x 9’ x 1’. Sculpture includes 70 ceramic instruments (bells, shakers, and megaphones) used in a pit-firing performance one year earlier. The event was held in the backyard of a residence and included a ‘materialogue’ and improvised soundscape by Corey Fogel. 


No End of Channels 3 (Astonishment Rather than Compassion), 2012, underglazed ceramic, sealant.



Jemima Wyman—"I’ve been using patterned fabric and masking in my practice as both an empathetic device and a resistance strategy for some time. By crafting metaphoric skins that individuals can wear, or a community can share in, I can bring awareness to the politics of embodiment (being) and spectacle (seeing). More recently the work has been about using images of various protest groups that employ masking to create a single visual identity that provides collective power against oppressive regimes."


Tactical Surfaces - Making Cover, 2013. Photographic assemblage, 110 x 77 inches. The quilt consists of phototgraphs sewn together from different protest movements (including black bloc, Free Pussy Riot, Free Palestine, occupy movement and the Arab Spring) and samples of patterned fabric related to protest attire and camouflage.


Space for Cryptic Powers, 2013, Steel, cotton, found bandanas and mask, 98 x 61 x 61 inches.


Free Pussy Riot Crazy Quilt, 2012, Digital photographs sewn onto secondhand tie-dyed t-shirts, 74 x 74 inches.



CamLab—"When making work as the collaborative duo CamLab, Anna Mayer and Jemima Wyman consciously take into consideration their psychological needs (individual and collective) and, often, those of the viewer or participant. Much of CamLab's performance-based work utilizes already-existing personal relationships in an effort to create or reveal intimacy through proximity and exchange. In the past this proximity has been proposed through architectural garments made for the artists' bodies and additional others'. These propositions intend to facilitate heightened interactions and intimacies between people. ... The duo believes that a contemporary politics of pleasure must acknowledge the contiguity of language and body in facilitating the spectrum of experience between alterity and intimacy."


Images from The Heart Wants What It Does by CamLab at MOCA Engagement Party, Winter 2012.