The People: Simone Forti & Jason Underhill Ep. 29


The People: Simone Forti & Jason Underhill Ep. 29

Notes from The People by Mathew Timmons from his performance of Encouraging Words at the Sumarr series curated by Diana Arterian at Pop-Hop Books & Print in Highland Park, Los Angeles.

... and we close out the show with a song from the Los Angeles band Learning Music. You can find out more about them at LearningMusicMonthly.Com and the name of the track is called “Milk and Cookie”


Simone Forti is an American postmodern choreographer and musician living in Los Angeles. Since the 1960s she has become known for a style of dancing and choreography that was largely based on basic everyday movements, such as games and children's playground activities, and improvisation. Over the course of her career she has worked with such luminaries as: Anna Halprin, Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham, Robert Whitman and Yoko Ono among others.


We’ll also be talking to Jason Underhill who has worked as Forti’s assistant for the past several years. Jason is an artist in Los Angeles. His work has been screened and exhibited internationally in the U.S. and around Europe. Jason received his MFA from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2009 and his BFA from CalArts in 2005. He is also the writer director and producer with Rena Kosnett of Golden Retriever a six-episode comedy web series.

Episode photograph by Ignacio Genzon