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The People: George Kontos & Matthew Schum Ep. 26

Featuring Notes from The People with artist Dorothy Hoover presenting a radio play with voice talent by Dorothy Hoover and Phil Leers. You can see more of Dorothy’s work at
... and we close out the show with a song from the duo Ted Byrnes and Nicholas Deyoe off their cassette on Khalija Records titled “1”. You can find out more about Ted’s music at Ted

George Kontos is an artist and filmmaker in Los Angeles. We’ll be talking to him about his film Decumanus which explores the architectural evolution of the Greek city, Thessaloniki.


Matthew Schum is a writer and curator based in Los Angeles. Shum included Kontos’ film Decumanus in a recent screening series at LAXArt and we’ll be talking to him about his experience as a writer and curator in Los Angeles.


Written by Mathew Timmons — April 18, 2015