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The People: Geoff Tuck & Christian Mayer Ep.13

Sunday, March 16 at 3 p.m.

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Episode 13, in which Geoff Tuck and Christian Mayer talk with The People about Notes on Looking, Parkfield, Your Shell is Made of Air at The Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman University, baumtest, The Schindler Residency at the MAK Center, the Mackey Apartments, Dreamscapes of Los Angeles, Nowhere to Run Nowhere to Hide, the Bingo Bongo Bed, FOCA, the fan palm of Exposition Park, Apartment 2, the song If Only You Could by Mayer's band My Dreams in Chaos, Musis et Mulis at Belvedere, two guys sawing paintings in half, Dropping Well, Eye to Eye (for Deja Vu), Zeitschrift Magazine, Acid, flexi discs, Lewis Keller, and nowcloud.


The People features the song Harp X by nowcloud to close out the episode.

You can listen to songs from nowcloud's album Harp at bandcamp.

As always our intro music is the song Ocfif by Lewis Keller.


Geoff Tuck is a writer and artist, and is the publisher of the online journal, Notes on Looking. He, with his husband David, organizes retreats in Parkfield, CA. He has had two shows recently, Your Shell is Made of Air at the Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman University, and was featured at the launch for the journal baumtest.

Christian Mayer is an artist, musician and publisher from Vienna, Austria. He is here in Los Angeles on an artist's residency, The Schindler Residency at the MAK Center. He has work in a show with the current MAK center residents at the Mackey Apartments. He also recently had a show at the Belvedere in Vienna, Musis et Mulis, which translates to For the Muse and the Mules. He is represented by Galerie Mezzanin in Vienna and Galerie Nagel Draxler in Berlin.




Written by Mathew Timmons — March 08, 2014