The Semi-Tropic Spiritualists Pilgrimage & Guidebook Launch!

The Semi-Tropic Spiritualists Pilgrimage
Semi-Tropic Spiritualist Guidebook Launch
Friday, November 2nd, 2018 at 8pm

General Projects
Outside Gallery
3611 Pomona St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90031


Semi-Tropic Spiritualist Guidebook Launch
Semi-Tropic Spiritualists Test Site #6: The Semi-Tropic Spiritualists Pilgrimage
Astri Swendsrud & Quinn Gomez-Heitzeberg


Semi-Tropic Spiritualist Guidebook
Paperback, full color, 130 pages
ISBN: 978-1-947322-93-6
Pre-Sale $35.00
Books Ship Out Early November!

Insert Blanc Press is pleased to announce the publication of The Semi-Tropic Spiritualist Guidebook by Astri Swendsrud & Quinn Gomez-Heitzeberg. The full color book accompanies the exhibition What Can The Semi-Tropic Spiritualists Do For You? at General Projects and Outside Gallery from September 7 to November 4, 2018 and launches on Friday November 2, 2018. The book is now available for Pre-Sale and will begin shipping in early November!

Alongside the publication and exhibition, Insert Blanc Press is also excited for the release of a new series of original drawings and a print edition What Can The Semi-Tropic Spiritualists Do For You? by Astri Swendsrud & Quinn Gomez-Heitzeberg.

The Semi-Tropic Spiritualist Guidebook, brings together images, texts, excerpts of performance scripts, and printed ephemera from the Semi-Tropic Spiritualist’s previous exhibitions. The book is organized as both a record of the project’s Test Sites from 2012-2018, and as an idiosyncratic guidebook to California’s spiritual history and geography. 


The Semi-Tropic Spiritualists have exhibited their installations and performance works at Richard Telles Fine Art, Klowden Mann, The Vincent Price Museum, and Chime & Co. in Los Angeles; Shangri-La, Joshua Tree, CA; and Llano del Rio, CA among other locations. Their work will also be part of the upcoming exhibition Totenpass at Visitor Welcome Center, Los Angeles, in October 2018. Both artists received their MFAs from CalArts in 2008.