Pattern Book & Object-Oriented Programming Pre-Sale Ending & Fright Catalog Pre-Sale Discount!

Pattern Book by Christopher Russell & Katie Herzog: Object-Oriented Programming  
$45.00 Pre-Sale Ending Soon!!!

We've seen the proof copies and while we eagerly await the books going to print all you out there have an indeterminately short amount of time to get your copies at the Pre-Sale price of $45.00. The cover price for these new books in the Insert Blanc Monograph series will be $65.99. So Get Yours Now!

Fright Catalog by Joseph Mosconi is also coming very soon and is now available for Pre-Sale at $20. Fright Catalog is a 100 page, full color, large format magazine scheduled for release in early March from Insert Blanc Press. 

The Signed & Numbered Limited Edition (1-40) also comes with a zine by Joseph Mosconi, Fright Analog, and is available for Pre-Sale at a price of $35

    check out the front cover with printer's marks etc ...