New Videos, New YouTube and Vimeo channels!

At Insert Blanc Press General Projects we like to make videos and throw events and make videos of those events and also make sculpture gardens and fill those sculpture gardens with things and maybe throw an event and make a video. 

General Projects first "Hit Vid" was Poetry is Dead, I Killed It. from a few years ago - and right at the top of this post. We still think it's pretty great.

And then ... we worked with Joseph Mosconi and a whole lot of other people, including a makeup artist, a set designer and costume designer, and a couple different filmmakers, and an awesome editor, and some great actors! to make Fright Catalog the movie - as seen below.

Since then we've made a habit of making videos of things like book launches, readings and events, like the video of the performances at the launch party for Ben White's artist monograph Ruin Upon Ruin ...

We've also had the good fortune to work with artists like Erica Ryan Stallones to make a book trailer for Todd Collins book For God ...

And we have so many more videos on our YouTube and Vimeo channels ... and we're looking to make more videos! more! more! more!!!

Oh, Hey! If you are a video artist interested in working with us on future projects or if you have a project you think we might be interested in, do be in touch.