Insert Blanc Press General Projects Launch Fall 2014

Insert Blanc Press General Projects Launch Fall 2014

Commonwealth & Council
3006 W 7th St #220 Los Angeles CA 90005 
213 703 9077
Saturday, November 22, 2014 at 7:30pm


Insert Blanc Press would like to graciously invite you to our General Projects Launch for Fall 2014 to celebrate new books, print and film projects from Insert Blanc Press including:

Here Versus Elsewhere by Allison Carter
poetry, paperback, 80 pages

For God by Todd Collins
hardbound, prose, 90 pages

Dispersal Order (Dazzler) by Jason Kunke
22” x 14” Inkjet Print print edition of 30

Fright Catalog (the movie)
by Joseph Mosconi & Insert Blanc Press 10 minutes


Please join us to celebrate Insert Blanc Press General Projects Launch Fall 2014 with readings from Allison Carter and Todd Collins, an artwork by Jason Kunke and the World Premiere screening of Fright Catalog (the movie). Reception to begin at 8pm; readings, performances and screenings to begin at 9pm.


We will all be going to a reading at the Poetic Research Bureau beforehand, and you are highly encouraged to join us there in Chinatown at 6:30pm for readings by Jennifer Tamayo, Mark Johnson & Gregory Betts and then we can all caravan from Chinatown to Koreatown for Insert Blanc Press General Projects Launch Fall 2014!!!



“Allison Carter’s narratives are virtuostic in craft and scope. Her quiet, simple lines betray a pressure and seem to boil at times. There is universal truth: ‘And then the zeitgeist we/became strictly inseparable/or so I thought.’ There is also great humor and precision, ‘But babies come from many places/and they are easy to grab at/through the rattling branches.’ Her poetry is an all-around pleasure to read, and it stays with me, like a consoling friend.”—Noelle Kocot


"Todd Collins is a stone-original among wannabes, with a sacred-profane vision fractured like a stained-glass window or vandalized mirror. This is brilliant neo-noir fiction searching for a shadow that’s worthy of it."—Steve Erickson (author of These Dreams of You and Zeroville, Europa Editions)


Dispersal Order (Dazzler) by Jason Kunke is a photograph of a mimeograph stencil. The stencil is of an image taken from a riot control manual, and is photographed lit only with a quasi-legal, 100mW, 532nm, green laser. Lasers like these are used by law enforcement for non-lethal crowd control and order management, disorienting or temporarily blinding unruly mobs. Here, the laser is used as an artistic medium, illuminating and documenting an order to disperse.


"Fright Catalog by Joseph Mosconi is realism, and we’re fucked. ... The funny (and I mean Beckett “funny”) thing about Fright Catalog is that most of it is everyday circumstance in the key of the histrionic: “Wonder that on/my rotten cabin/ponders a baptism/in the warm piss/of slaughtered children.” Welcome to our state of permanent war. What’s actually scary about most metal is that it’s a bunch of pissed off white guys with bloodlust. And that, truly, should scare the shit out of anyone."—Kim Calder, The Volta