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Parrot 23 Complex Textual Legitimacy Proclamation by Mathew Timmons  

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Parrot 23 Complex Textual Legitimacy Proclamation
by Mathew Timmons
Saddle-Stitched chapbook
2 Color cover, Black & White interior
Matte finish, Opaque cream, 70# text (104 gsm)
Dimensions: 6.125" x 9.375" x 0.125", 20 Pages
ISSN: 2169-3811-23


This issue is currently available for Pre-Sale at a discounted price. Copies should begin shipping in November 2014.


Normal photographs are made by using the ordinary light reflected from objects to burn patterns into photosensitive chemicals on a piece of film, and then enlarging and reversing that negative image, burning it into a piece of photosensitive paper, and chemically ‘fixing’ it. It is an explicit, or explicate representation; with differing degrees of accuracy, you can match up one square inch of the picture with a corresponding area of the object depicted, in a one-to-one isomorphism.

Large sensational photographs made their first appearance, with the topics of sex, violence, accidents and scandal as their major themes.

More beautiful than fabulous pictures.

You shall not make any images of me.

Written by Mathew Timmons — October 26, 2014