PARROT End of Summer Sale 2014!!!

PARROT End of Summer Sale! 2014!

For a Limited Time Only!

While Supplies Last!


It's Deep Summer again, End of Summer! For REAL! and we're doing a PARROT End of Summer Sale 2014 style! Like last year we've reprinted a small quantity of our back catalog to make them available again for you to purchase at a 15% discount thru Labor Day. Get a Subscription or pick up a pandemonium of parrots at a 15% discount by using the code:
[[ ParrotEndOfSummer ]] during checkout.
It's that easy, no sweat, good times, good PARROTS!!!

Hooray for Summer and the PARROT End of Summer Sale 2014!

Get your copies of PARROT 1-19 while supplies last! PARROT 1 My Beautiful Beds by Stephanie Rioux, PARROT 2 A House on a Hill (A House on a Hill, Part One) by Harold Abramowitz, PARROT 3 All Bodies Are The Same and They Have The Same Reactions by Allison Carter, PARROT 4 But On Geometric by Joseph Mosconi, PARROT 5 Loquela by Allyssa Wolf, PARROT 6 Viva Miscegenation by Brain Kim Stephans, PARROT 7 On the Substance of Disorder by Will Alexander, PARROT 8 I Fell in Love With a Monster Truck by Amanda Ackerman, PARROT 9 Politicized Pretty Picture by Stan Apps, PARROT 10 I Can Feel by Teresa Carmody, PARROT 11 Forcible Oral Copulation by Vanessa Place, PARROT 12 Fried Chicken Dinner by Janice Lee, PARROT 13 Tramps Everywhere by Amina Cain, PARROT 14 Fur Birds by Michelle Detorie, PARROT 15 Kept Women by Kate Durbin, PARROT 16 Pieces of Water by Michael Smoler, PARROT 17 Airline Music by Amarnath Ravva, PARROT 18 My Little Neoliberal Pony by K. Lorraine Graham, PARROT 19 Break Bloom Burn by Maximus Kim, PARROT 20 The Missing Link by Jen Hofer, PARROT 21 Pre-Symbolic by Brian Ang.

So much good stuff. So Much Good Stuff!

Issues of PARROT 20-23 still forthcoming! PARROT 22 Erotic in Czech Republic by Ara Shirinyan, PARROT 23 Complex Textual Legitimacy Proclamation by Mathew Timmons!

Yes! All that stupendous wonderfulness!

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