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Text a Love a Muse

still from NotAMuse (Unknown Artist, vol. 2) (5:35), Julie Orser, 2020-2021.


Text a Love a Muse

2220 Arts + Archives
Friday 19 November, 8:00 PM PST
Tickets Free at the door or RSVP Online 

Grunts and groans, nonsensical chanting and para-language, or simple words read off a teleprompter directly to camera—we give meaning to the text and the text gives meaning to us. We breath in and exhale the joyful noise of ongoing production, the fiddling and tweaking of an ephemeral presence that is intimated yet eludes resolution. All or nothing—words in the mouth of another. What once was, is no longer—tragic… but good! In the meantime, we’ll play our little game. Now, what is within our grasp!?

This screening is curated by Mathew Timmons of Insert Blanc Press. Timmons is honored to premiere Love Prose (video edition), 2021, edited by Dan Delboy. The program will also feature a selection of short films by filmmakers and artists, many working in a DIY context, borrowing techniques from contemporary film, and, when needed, enlisting the help of professionals from the film industry.

DJ Kind will be playing sets for the opening, intermission, and for the reception to follow the screening.

Featuring films by Jay Erker, Ben Rodkin, Erica Ryan Stallones, Asher Hartman, Daniel Newman, Julie Orser and Mathew Timmons. Opening and Intermission bumpers, rolling stock and snipes curated from FT Depot collection.


A portion of the program may be viewed online at the links below.

[Opening Program]

Walk It Out (1:03)
Jay Erker, 2013.
Originally for Leg Room at Projector Projects, Los Angeles, CA. 

Joyful Noise (3:35)
Mathew Timmons with Joshua Callaghan and Corey Fogel, 2012.
Videography, editing, and analog degradation by Ben Rodkin. 

Warning: Safe Space (9:41)
Erica Ryan Stallones, 2019.
A video documenting twelve intimate performances with accompanying interviews commissioned for the exhibition "Code Word Safe" at Fellows of Contemporary Art. 

Alfred (26:14)
Featuring Michael Bonnabel
from The Dope Elf project
Asher Hartman and Gawdafful National Theater, 2021. 


Looped three times
Daniel Newman, 2011.

NotAMuse (Unknown Artist, vol. 2) (6:03)
Julie Orser, 2020-2021.

Love Prose (video edition) (30:50)
Mathew Timmons, edited by Dan Delboy, 2021. 

Reception – DJ Kind

Written by Mathew Timmons — October 27, 2021

Hoisting Serotonin Up by the Bootstraps

Hoisting Serotonin Up by the Bootstraps 
L Star Murals

Outside Gallery
3611 Pomona St.
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Mural Unveiling Saturday August 7 from 6-8pm

Recently, at Outside Gallery Lauren McElroy of L Star Murals proposed painting a mural on a particular wall that was suddenly so visible from the street after our landlord completely cut down a tree in our yard. The tree was a Guamuchil tree or Pithecellobium dulce a flowering plant that belongs to the Fabaceae family and which produced lovely deep red and pink seed pods that contain a sweet fibrous pulp that can be eaten raw, roasted or prepared in a sweet drink similar to lemonade. Those seed pods were a favorite in the neighborhood and the tree provided quite a lot of shade and kept our backhouse apartment relatively cool on most days. 

While Outside Gallery as an exhibition platform may disappear with the tree that truly created a kind of interior outdoor space, L Star Murals new piece, Hoisting Serotonin Up by the Bootstraps may help remind us that time and space are dynamic and a playful, fresh color palette can shake you out of what was and put you back into your own body as it currently exists in what is.



Written by Mathew Timmons — July 28, 2021

Silkscreen Is Easy

Silkscreen Is Easy !!!
The Little Friends of Printmaking

General Projects
3611 Pomona St.
Los Angeles, CA 90031

June 26 - August 29, 2021

Opening Saturday June 26 from 7-10pm

Open Hours Thursday nights 7-9pm
or by appointment email


"Silkscreen is Very Difficult, Actually"—JW Buchanan

Insert Blanc Press is pleased to present Silkscreen Is Easy !!! by The Little Friends of Printmaking, a new exhibition at General Projects.


Silkscreen Is Easy !!! monograph available for Pre-Sale Now !


"The work of The Little Friends of Printmaking (illustration and silkscreen duo JW & Melissa Buchanan) culls every color, shape, and nuance of joy and happiness and arranges them perfectly on a sheet of paper. From the posters themselves to how the posters are presented to the audience—each color, font, and element is designed as a sign of welcome. Their brand of illustration is based in the immediacy of a smile, a dedication to the silly and absurd, light-hearted and high-spirited. As both the illustrators and printers of their work, the Buchanans understand paper and ink, the squeegee and screen, and how they all play together. Whether the screenprint has seven colors or just two, each one is there at the service of the overall final piece."Chris Jalufka


The Little Friends of Printmaking are JW and Melissa Buchanan, a married duo of award-winning illustrators, designers, and silkscreen artists. They first made a name for themselves designing and printing silkscreened concert posters but soon branched out, making fancy junk for whoever would pay them money. In addition to their work as illustrators and designers, they continue their fine art pursuits through exhibitions, lectures and artists' residencies worldwide, spreading the gospel of silkscreen to anyone inclined to listen. Their clients include Disney, FX, Nike, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The Little Friends currently live in Pasadena, CA with some very fat pets.

Written by Mathew Timmons — June 10, 2021

We Made It !

We Made It !

Insert Blanc Press 15 Year Anniversary

Artisan PopUp

at General Projects and Outside Gallery

3611 Pomona St., Los Angeles, CA 90031

Friday June 11 from 5-10pm

Saturday June 12 from 2-10pm


5-6pm - Brian Ramisch
630-730pm - Emily Lacy


8-930pm - Writers / Performers 
Harold Abramowitz, Will Alexander, Brain Getnick, kevin mcpherson eckhoff

4-6pm - Brian Ramisch
6-8pm - The DJ Kind


8-10pm - Comedians 
Babs Gray, Nicole Byer, Atsuko Okatsuka, Tess Barker, James Fritz, Brandie Posey, Christina Catherine Martinez


Brian Ramisch 

Emily Lacy

The DJ Kind

Writers / Performers

Harold Abramowitz

Will Alexander

Brian Getnick

kevin mcpherson eckhoff 



Babs Gray

Nicole Byer

Atsuko Okatsuka

Tess Barker

James Fritz

Brandie Posey

Christina Catherine Martinez


Concrete Geometric 

Flower Bar

HEO Ceramics  

Honey Snake Studios


L Star Murals 

Minor Thread  


Sugar Paws 

Willow & Oak


Written by Mathew Timmons — May 23, 2021

Brian Getnick Hyper Effigy

“Thursday” from “Abyss Standard” by Brian Getnick, ceramic, 2021.


Brian Getnick
Hyper Effigy

General Projects 
3611 Pomona St.
Los Angeles, CA 90031

April 3, 2021 - May 30, 2021

Opening April 3, 2021 from 4-9pm

Open Hours Thursday nights 7-9pm
or by appointment email


Hyper Effigy Brian Getnick book now available for Pre-Sale


Insert Blanc Press is pleased to present Hyper Effigy, a new exhibition by Brian Getnick at General Projects & Outside Gallery.

In Brian Getnick’s new body of work, he offers two sculptural investigations of icons associated with fascism, terrorism, and the pre-modern past. “Ersatz Fighting Unit” draws inspiration from the 20th century interwar period and features a blue officer (sprouting donkey ears) facing off against a red balaclava wearing revolutionary. In “Abyss Standard” ancestral faces and dream entities merge in statuettes radially arranged to mark a weekly cycle of Trumpian era crisis. In Hyper Effigy, Getnick forwards caricature as a magical language; a grammar of soldiers, trolls, terrorists and skeletons, equipped to dislodge propagandistic representations of the other from their historical ideological functions.

On display in Outside Gallery are a monumental soldier’s head, a cudgel and a red medusa; sculptural props from “Secret Joy”, a performance Getnick directed in 2019 after a journey to Eastern Europe*.

Please wear masks and maintain spatial distance of 6 feet or more. General Projects is located in a converted garage accessible via a small ramp and one step thru a 35 inch wide doorway. 


*travel and research in Eastern Europe for “Secret Joy” and “Ersatz Fighting Unit” was facilitated by the Yiddishkayt Helix Fellowship.

Written by Mathew Timmons — March 22, 2021

Visitation Station


Visitation Station 
Erica Ryan Stallones

General Projects
3611 Pomona St.
Los Angeles, CA 90031

October 31, 2020 - January 1, 2021

Show Extended thru January 31, 2021 !!!



What happened in there?
When did it start? 
Were you alone?
Can you recall?

What did you see?
Or was it a feeling?
How hot was the light?
Can you smell it from here? 

What will you tell them?
Do you think they’ll believe you?
Has this happened before?
Is it happening now?


Visitation Station is an exhibition of intimate paintings and audio narratives stemming from (but not confined by) historical, mythological and contemporary accounts of extra-ordinary encounters. 

Opening by appointment October 31, 2020 from 5-10pm

Open Hours by appointment Thursday nights 7-9pm

Bring your own headphones for an audio tour on your phone.


Erica Ryan Stallones is an interdisciplinary artist living in Los Angeles. Her work is both research-based and intuitive. Ideas are organized around systems built toward the desire to understand, construct, and de-construct universal symbols and shared experience. Ryan Stallones has exhibited her work locally and internationally. Recent solo exhibitions in Los Angeles have been at artist-run spaces Elephant (2017) and Age of Art Multiples (2016). 


Time slots are limited to four people max every 30 minutes. Please wear masks and maintain spatial distance of 6 feet or more. If you are arriving and another group is leaving please allow the previous group to leave before entering the space. And please exit the show when your own time slot is up. General Projects is located in a converted garage accessible via a small ramp and one step thru a 35 inch wide doorway. Bring your own headphones for an audio tour on your phone.

Written by Mathew Timmons — October 20, 2020

Go Outside and Stay Inside

Go Outside and Stay Inside

Outside Gallery
3611 Pomona St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90031

August 23, 2020 - October 18, 2020


Remember that the sky is falling. And that you are inside. Go outside and stay inside.
Remember that the sky is falling and it is falling onto you. Feel it as it lands.
Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Go outside and stay inside.*

Go Outside and Stay Inside organized by Cara Chan and Don Edler. The exhibition features Anna Breininger, Cara Chan, Adrian Culverson, Don Edler, Nasim Hantazadeh, Amelia Lockwood, Jane Margarette, Cameron Masters and John Zane Zappas.

The exhibition will be on view at Outside Gallery opening Sunday, August 23rd as well as during Thursday night open hours thru October 18 and can also be seen from the street. Opening weekend spots are limited to 4 people every 45 minutes, please RSVP via Even though the gallery is completely outside, please remember to wear a mask and maintain spatial distance. Outside Gallery is located at 3611 Pomona St, Los Angeles, CA 90031.

RSVP for opening or Thursday night open hours


* Exhibition text produced by GPT-3



Time slots are limited to two groups every 45 minutes and any group should have a maximum of only 2 people. Please wear masks and maintain spatial distance of 6 feet or more. If you are arriving and another group is leaving please allow the previous group to leave before entering the space. And please exit the show when your own time slot is up. Outside Gallery is located in an elevated side yard accessible via stairs, the exhibition can be seen from the sidewalk and from the driveway, but due to the nature of the location, ramp access unfortunately isn’t available.  

Written by Mathew Timmons — August 19, 2020

Daniel Newman: 52 PICKUP

Daniel Newman: 52 PICKUP

February 29, 2020-September 27, 2020

Opening Leap Day, Saturday, February 29, 2020 from 8pm to Midnite


General Projects and Outside Gallery
3611 Pomona St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90031


Open Hours: Thursdays 7-9pm 

RSVP on Eventbrite for open hours at Outside Gallery and General Projects.


Insert Blanc Press is pleased to announce a new exhibition opening at General Projects: Daniel Newman: 52 PICKUP.

Daniel Newman’s 52 PICKUP presents curious items, strange stories, hoaxes, and other streams-of-consciousness, a selfless supply of starting points and their extensions.

Enticing enough to sustain our more sensational notions, and thoughtfully strenuous, Newman’s work evokes the generative stages that exist in their own obscurity and deliberate disorder. 

Newman has made the switch from schema to mode, you’ll pick it up, like a fresh cobra hosting a matador to tea.

Written by Mathew Timmons — February 16, 2020

Joel Kyack: I AM the present.

Joel Kyack: I AM the present.

July 12, 2019-September 2, 2019

Opening Friday, July 12, 2019 from 7 to 10 p.m.


General Projects
3611 Pomona St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90031


Open Hours: Thursdays 7-9pm or by appointment


Insert Blanc Press is pleased to announce a new exhibition opening at General Projects: Joel Kyack: I AM the present.

Joel Kyack is an interdisciplinary artist and art educator who lives and works in Los Angeles. Recent solo projects include Hold On Tightly / Let Go Lightly, Workplace Gallery, London, UK (2017); and On the Floor in the Cave of Skulls, Francois Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles (2016). Recent performances include Your Optimism Fills Graves, Workplace, London (2015); and Buy What I Say, FIAC, Paris (2014). Kyack received his MFA from the University of Southern California in 2008 and attended Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2004. He is represented by Workplace Gallery in the UK, François Ghebaly in Los Angeles and Praz Delavallade in Paris.



Written by Mathew Timmons — July 05, 2019

If You Happen Along Bodysnatch Lane

If You Happen Along Bodysnatch Lane:
An Intimate Performance and Fundraiser for Gawdafful National Theater’s supernatural saga, The Dope Elf

General Projects is pleased to host a two-night intimate performance and fundraiser to help take Asher Hartman and Gawdafful National Theater’s ambitious six-hour traveling show The Dope Elf on tour to Portland’s Yale Union and San Francisco’s The Lab.


Friday, JUNE 21 & Saturday, JUNE 22

1st Show, both nights 8:30pm. Door and cocktails: 8:00pm

2nd Show, both nights 10:00pm. Door and cocktails: 9:30pm

4 SPECIAL DONOR VIP TICKETS each performance: $100. You will receive complimentary elf ears and the bar is open to you!

Tickets: $25

Audience limited to 24 tickets for each performance

Get Your Tickets Now!


General Projects
3611 Pomona St.
Los Angeles, CA 90031
Phone: 323-496-3468

Please note performances will take place in and out of doors


Come and get!

-Three scenes from The Dope Elf performed for three intimate groups

- A special edition poster for The Dope Elf by Mark Allen

- VIP tickets will receive hosted complimentary Candice Lin concocted cocktails served by the inimitable Bryatt Bryant!


The fundraiser will support the building of a miniature village created by Los Angeles theater and visual artists. Gawdafful National Theater will live and perform in the installation for one month in each location!

Featuring Michael Bonnabel, Philip Littell, Zut Lorz, Paul Outlaw (June 21 only), Joe Seely, and Jacqueline Wright. Costumes by Sofia Benito. One of the production's amazing ceremonial robes, crafted by Nikii Henry and Brian Getnick, will be on display.


Philip Littell (left) and Zut Lorz (right) in The Dope Elf.Costumes by Sofia Benito and mask by Brian Getnick. Photo by Ian Byers-Gamber.

Written by Mathew Timmons — June 08, 2019